Monday, October 13, 2014

Tasty Tuesday Mini Apple Pies & Recipe Link Up

 Hi friends and welcome to another Tasty Tuesday, I'm so glad you're here!

Today's recipe is one of those that came about by accident.  After preparing too many apples for an apple pie one day my mother almost threw out the leftover prepared apples, and I wasn't have any of it.  I went to the kitchen determined to save them and come up with something halfway decent.
Instead I came up with a family favorite.

Who doesn't love personal-size desserts?  And using canned biscuit dough in the refrigerator that I already had on hand made this dessert super easy and quick to put together.  Let's get started...

Recipe yields 9 Mini Apple Pies

1 can of Pillsbury Grand Junior biscuits (though you could probably use whatever you like)
1-2 Granny Smith apples (depending on the size)
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. flour
dash of salt
1 egg white
Brown sugar for topping

Start by preparing the apples.  Peel and chop into fairly small pieces.  Biscuits don't take long to bake and the smaller the apple the faster they'll cook, so if you make them pretty small they should be done the same time the biscuits are!
Mix them together with the sugar, cinnamon, salt, and flour.
Take a biscuit and pop it into a plastic baggie for easy clean up and it's non-stick ability (Important:  Reserve 1 biscuit out of the can for the topper)
Roll it out to a flat round disc that will fit into your muffin tin.  Form it into a greased muffin tin
Fill the dough with the apple mixture
Now it's time to make the topper!  With the 1 biscuit you reserved roll it out like you have the rest of the biscuits, then make it into any shape you want for the top.  I chose a leaf for Fall!  I free-handed mine but you could easily cookie-cutter this for a better look.  Place your topper in the middle of the pie, then sprinkle some brown sugar around it.  Lightly beat the egg white and brush the top with it.
Bake this yummy-ness in a 400 degree oven (or whatever your biscuit can says) for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.  Important:  Make sure you put a pan underneath the muffin tin to catch the run over.  These do tend to bubble up and drip out of the muffin tin if you aren't careful so be sure to have something under it to catch it.  Don't be like me who forgot and had the smoke detectors going off and now have a filthy oven.  
Printable recipe found here!

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  1. Oh gosh... these look phenomenal! I really want to try them!

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    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

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    ~Cheers, Stacy

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