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Hello again...

I cannot believe how long it has been since I was last here! The last time I wrote, I had no idea the changes that God had in store for our life. Looking back at my last post, I look at the date and realize it was that exact date it all began. That evening, hours after I last wrote, we found out we would be moving. Unexpected was an understatement. It was a door that only God could've opened. And open He did. Not only were we about to move, but we were about to move right then. The way it all worked out was that evening we found our new home, in less than 24 hours we were signing paperwork, in less than 24 hours from that we were packing up our belongings, and in less than 24 hours from that we were loading trucks and trailers of friends and families feeling overly blessed and grateful for all the help that showed up on our doorstep on a drizzly cold December morning. To say that God had unparalled favor upon us those few days was an understatement. Everything fell into place, as it seems to always do when God is in the middle of it.
It happened during a time I had a couple days off work.
It happened that moving day fell the exact day before temperatures dropped to below 20 degrees.
It happened that it was the one weekend my in laws and cousins in law could drop everything and help.
It happened that the morning of moving day came with 15 men showing up on our doorstep, how they even found out we were moving, I'm still not sure exactly. They were ready to work, with trailers and trucks, cutting down our moving time in half.
It happened. Thank You Jesus.

And before all of our moving crew left us, they gathered us in the middle of our new living room. They put us in the middle, joined hands in a giant circle around us, and prayed and prayed over us. For our new home. For our new life in this new home. For all God was sure to do in this new home. I just stood there in shock, weeping, how did this happen? How did God bring us here? Only in my wildest dreams...

So that explains my absence. The next few weeks I felt completely led to pour my heart into this new house of ours and truly make it a home. All of my friends and family were so gracious to try to fill my mind with reassurance that this Christmas did not have to be "fully decorated". We were feeling good to make a pathway through the boxes. But I had dreams of our very first newlywed Christmas in this beautiful new home of ours. I was determined. I set my mind to it and God gave me the strength and we did it! Unpacking, unpacking, unpacking was the name of the game for the first few days. Less than a week after we moved in though we got our tree up, and all the rest of the decorations as well. It was a beautiful Christmas season. We even got to host my husband's family and extended family for Christmas. I'm excited to say the only thing that did not get done was Christmas cards! Not too bad.

Too bad I'm not as eager to get it all down as I was to get it all up!!!