Monday, September 15, 2014

Tour Through Blogland

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to find new favorite blogs to follow, and when I discovered Cathy from three kids and a fish I instantly knew she was a new favorite.  She has some of the very best recipes and the cutest family!  She graciously provided me with the next stop of the tour through blogland!

New Mrs. Adventures began as a way to document the Mr.'s and I first year of marriage.  I found myself a newlywed in the middle of one of the sweetest seasons of my life thus far, and I desperately wanted to remember every single little thing.  I never really intended to share my memories though.  I can't remember if I technically had the blog set to private or if I just figured nobody would stumble upon it and read it, but either way the real purpose was for me to have a place to write down all the special-to-me moments in our newlywed-hood.  But something happened then that's hard to explain except that God just had a bigger plan for me and for this blog.  He began to lead me into a new direction that wasn't so about me and my memories, but more about what God was wanting to do on this blog through me.  So I really gave it over to Him and He's taken it in a total different direction that just writing happy memories, though I still do that sometimes too. :)  

Make sure and check out Cathy's tour through blogland here, you will notice she even has pretty pictures to accompany her tour!  Sadly I do not!!  However I do have some really fun things coming up on the blog that I hope you stick around for.  

Right now I'm working through 2 amazing Bible studies that I'm sure you'll be hearing about very soon. When I decided to take on both of these studies at the same time I was unsure about how well I would juggle both of them, but just as God would see fit they have been incredible and have started my day in an area with God that I haven't been in a long time.  

There's a lot of fun recipes coming up geared for Fall and football parties, as well as big plans for the Holidays coming up!!  

Beatrice Lanes is about to see a lot of growth and I am so excited to introduce brand new products that have never been offered before.  

Some of my favorite New Mrs. Adventures posts so far...
Of Boats and Seas
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part 1     part 2

Just as I was nominated by Cathy, whom I met through Tasty Tuesday, the lovely lady I'm nominating to be the next stop on this Tour through Blogland I met through Tasty Tuesday as well!  
Meet Karen, from To Work with My Hands

Karen gives some of the best recipes and DIY projects around.  Her blog is beautiful, encouraging, and one of my favorites!  Be sure to check our her site here!  

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  1. Oh, I am beyond amazed at the beautiful words that you have penned here! Thank you very much for all of your sweet comments! I count it a true joy to be able to get to know you more! Oh wow, your two bible studies look great! I just went to a Beth Moore simulcast last week, and it was just amazing! What a great journey you have begun not only in marriage but in the blogging world! :-)