Thursday, March 27, 2014

Top 10 Outdoor DIY Projects

Confession time: I have been dying to post this Top 10 since January and have forced myself to wait until at least April before I throw it out at you. So the week before April is pretty darned close right? Right! I love being outdoors and I love DIY projects, so this post is ultimately a to-do list for our new backyard this summer. These picks are my favorites and ones that I really do plan on trying out and hope to share with you! Without further ado let's get started!
P.S.-if you still have snow on the ground, I hope this sheds some hope and not more frustration. Ugh I've had snow in May before so I feel your pain. But hey, build it and it will come right?!

I adore this project for its beauty and it's functional potential.  The Mr and I are moving in just a few days and our new backyard is much smaller then our current one.  It also does not have a privacy fence.  I think this is such a cute idea for the yard to make it look a bit more cozy, and to add as many hanging items as I want.  

I may or may not have actually squealed a little when I saw this.  I absolutely adore this and if I had to pick 1 project this whole Spring to accomplish I believe this one would win.  Amy does such a fantastic tutorial on it too that made me feel like I may actually be able to do it too!

How great are these planters!  I can definitely picture them with something nice and tall in them.  Again this blog has a great tutorial on these that make it look not too difficult!

Source unknown
How simple but perfect is this for tea lights in the summer!  (Should I admit that the first thing I thought of is how would you drill holes into a brick?  That's embarrassing.)


I love vegetable gardening, and could easily spend hours drooling over gorgeous vegetable gardens on Pinterest.  However this year it's not an option to dig up our newly sodded yard at our new house.  I was getting so sad this year thinking of how I wish I could be planning and preparing to plant-but this elevated garden bed was just the answer!  I love it and am imagining a few of these along the back fence, maybe painted in different colors/patterns!

This one we should really call "a girl can dream", because the likelihood of this come to fruition in my backyard this year is slim to none. But I adore it.

Source unknown
I love the "homey" feel this gives a backyard, and old windows are so easy to find these days!

Source unknown
I have always wanted a small fountain in a galvanized tub in the backyard, but I love the different plants in it, making it look like a tiny pond/fountain!

I love the mismatched patio furniture and those lights strung.  I have those lights right now and love them!!

I love a good herb garden for its beauty and use! How beautiful are they in old wooden crates?


  1. What a dreamy list! I love yard projects and I too would love to have a fabulous swinging bed on the porch. With two little hooligans running around though my highest aspirations for this year are to get the veggies planted and keep the lawn mowed. A girl can dream though. Pinning...

  2. What a lovely list! I'm inspired as I look out on the piles of snow still in my yard here in Michigan. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm your newest FB and twitter follower - I'd love a follow back!

  3. This roundup is amazing! Can you imagine walking into your backyard and it looking like this? I'd never leave!

    I would love it if you would share this post over at my weekly "That Friday Pinterest Party"!

  4. Wow! What a great collection of ideas you got there. I love all of them, but I gotta say that #6 would have to be my favorite. A garden bed, where you can relax and doze off under the summer sky is just too tempting to pass up. I'm going to have to find time to do that one of these days. Anyway, thank you for sharing!

    Terry Holt @ LandTech