Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

1.) Big things happening around the blog this week!  We all know my less than spectacular technical abilities, but this week I felt like I figured out some pretty great stuff and I'm so excited to share with you all.  First of all, I have now begun to offer a printable version of each recipe.  I'm hoping this makes your life a bit simpler if you want to try a recipe out!  I am still working through the archives to go back and add this feature to past recipes.  I'm about halfway done on this project and should be finished in the next few days.  Secondly, I have recently connected Instagram to my blog!  I have had Instagram for quite awhile and just hadn't gotten around to connecting it yet.  This is a personal account so you see a lot of what the Mr and I do on a daily (almost) basis.  Follow along here!  And finally something I have had in the works for awhile and I am so excited to finally bring to you is my newsletter!  This has been a labor of love for a non-tech-girl like myself, and I'm so excited about it.  By subscribing you will have the option of being emailed weekly a summary of what went on here during the week, as well as a few favorites that I ran across on other blogs throughout the week, plus some other fun surprises!  Subscribe here!

2.) Jimmy Fallon. Need I say anything else? I legitimately feel disappointed when I wake up in the morning and realize I accidentally slept through the show the night before. And there are various times throughout the day when I think...can't wait to watch Jimmy Fallon tonight. So funny.

3.) Even though we began this month with a Winter Storm Warning it doesn't even matter. It's March ya'll. Has a month ever looked more hopeful?!

4.)  It's official, I'm hardly able to stop myself from heading outside and beginning the vegetable garden this year.  It's still too early here, though the temps have been in the 70's this week we still have plenty of time (and likelihood) for another freeze before we can officially declare Winter 2014 in the books.

5.)  The Mr. and I are officially moving.  Thank you-from the bottom of my heart-to all who have prayed us through this decision.  It is a bittersweet season, I am heartbroken to be leaving "our home", but I know no place on this earth will ever really be home.  These seasons are reminders of that.  We need to be out in 2 weeks and with the Mr. gone for a few days it looks like I need to get busy on getting this show on the road.  Let the packing frenzy begin.

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