Monday, February 3, 2014

Homesick for Home

She didn't say it with the words but her face spoke it clearly, it was a hard day A dear sister in Christ made her way quickly through the foyer of our church headed to her area of service of greeting new visitors, a gift that is uniquely hers. She does a beautiful job at making sure everyone feels at home, though she doesn't know their story. Which is funny-they don't know her's either. Behind the friendly smile they see is a deep pain from the loss of son a few years ago. And while God has been faithful in His touch of healing as only He can, somedays are better than others.

I did my best to speak love to her by a kind smile and a simple good morning, and she responded with something that struck me deeper than words on this screen could possible convey. Through a visibly tired smile she didn't even say good morning, simply said...Can we just go to heaven now? Before even waiting for me to respond she was on her way again. But I stood there slowly processing those words-Can we just go to heaven now? I envisioned not the grown woman that had stood in front of me, but a small exhausted child at the end of a long day saying through tears...can we just go home now? And you know what? I got it.

As we were created in His image (Genesis 1:27) we're reminded that we were made for much more than this world could ever offer us. Even our best day on this earth could not compare to the glory that is to come, which creates in each of us a longing that can not compare, will not compare, to anything we've ever known. There's also the other side of this though. For those who have lost their loved ones and feel as if they will not be able to take another breath the pain is so intense, let alone continue to function through this fallen world. Isn't there a piece of us deep down that suddenly finds ourselves crying out with a depth that words cannot express-come, Jesus come? It leaves a longing that cannot be met this side of eternity, but oh how I believe it will one day not only be met-but far exceeded. Until then may the cry of my heart be make every second on this count. May I live purposely and passionately for You and You alone. May other's find You by the words I speak and the way I live. But Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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  1. That is the saddest and yet most beautiful thing I have read in a long time. God bless your friend...yes, we can go home soon! Keep fighting the good fight weary soldier, your race is almost won! ♥