Thursday, February 6, 2014

Top 10 Valentine Picks

I have always loved Valentines Day, long before I ever had a date/boyfriend/fiancé/husband to "celebrate". When I was in high school I had a dream of giving every single classmate a Valentine to let them know that somebody really did love them-date or no date. Well let's just say I didn't exactly graduate from a small school and I knew to pull this off I was going to have to have a small army of help. Gratefully for me I had the greatest group of girlfriends ever. So every Monday night for the entire month of January we would gather at my house with card making supplies and pop in a chick flick and laugh and talk and eat and make hundreds thousands of Valentines cards. We would write simple messages of love and hope and Bible verses about God's unconditional, great love for us. Then on Valentines Day we would arrive at school when the janitor did and all take a hall and slip a card in each and every locker before anyone else got there and saw us doing it. We did this routine all 4 years of high school and looking back, it was probably one of my most treasured memories. Sure there were years I was really wishing I had a cute boy to bring me flowers to school, but ultimately I just wanted everyone to know how deeply loved they were by their God-really, honestly loved by Him. Because after you know that, really really know that, I believe it changes everything.
So without further ado----let's get to the Top 10!


I love this idea! First of all, its gorgeous! Second, I'm always so sad to take down all the lights at Christmas-this would be perfect to be able to leave some up!


I'm thinking of borrowing a friend's kids just to have the chance to make these adorable Valentines!!! Seriously adorable!!


How simple yet beautiful is this idea? I love it for around the house this time of year or even for centerpieces if you're hosting a Valentine banquet.

{source via Pinterest-the link doesn't work with it!}

I only wish I would've thought of this one myself. At my local paint store you can get that paint swatch wheel for $5 and look at how many crafts you can make with just that and a punch!

{source} As if we needed another reason to love mason jars! These are adorable, and could easily be double purposed for other holidays as well!

{source} Love this simple look!

(source-again a Pinterest link that doesn't work)
This is adorable if you have Preschoolers in the house!

{source} I have a thing for button art projects. And I have a thing for stripes. So basically this has me written all over it.

{source} Rustic love, I love.

{source} Decorating with old windows or window panes have become such a popular trend lately, and I love this Valentine's twist on it!!

If you're still looking for some Valentine inspiration, I have also created some fun new 8x10 prints centered around love in the shop!

Check them out here! Happy Valentine's Day loves!

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  1. What a great round up of Valentine's ideas! I love #'s 1 & 3 - SO SIMPLE (I have to remember to do these for next year)! and the first piece of art you created is my fave. Happy to find you via #SITSBlogging,


  2. Cute ideas!! I'll have to remember these for next year!
    Visiting from SITS!