Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home Life Series 3-Craft Room

Today I get to invite you to one of my very favorite places-my craft room. Its the one place I feel 100% free to create, I can just have fun in this room.
One of my favorite things about this space is the ability to not have to clean up mid-project. It so often happens that I have to put a pause on what I'm doing and before this room I would begrudgingly have to clean everything up, only to get it all back out a few hours later. Pain. This room really lets me just enjoy my creativity, walk away if I need to and not have to clean up.
It's the little things folks.
Before I take you on this room tour I should warn you: it's a mess. I usually keep this room pretty straightened up as soon as I finish a project, because if I can't find anything then it's just annoying-not relaxing. However, I'm currently in the middle of 2 major projects, my mother in law just opened a new business and I'm in charge of decorations AND I'm focusing on decorations for VBS as well. I had really good intentions of getting this all cleaned and pretty before I snapped these photos, but let's be honest, I was catching up on laundry all day and just didn't get the chance. (Click here for more on that.)

Walking into the craft room on your right you'll see this

The wall hanging is something my aunt, who was very much my 2nd mother, said often: Live simply, give more, desire less. After she died a couple of years ago, on a particularly difficult afternoon I wandered through her room, praying for peace. I found this scribbled on another notepad on her desk, grabbed the paper, and went home and painted this. Who knows if there's more paint or tears on the canvas.
Here you'll see a stack of Martha Stewart magazines I can't part with (I say they inspire me. I'll probably be on Hoarders soon.), ribbons/thread, and a stack of paper trays.
I found this tiered wire fruit basket a few months ago and snatched it up for $5 with no clue what I would do with it. It's turned out to be perfect for some ribbon and threads, and while it doesn't look like it, there is a method to the madness here.

Next is the closet. As soon as I deemed this spare bedroom the craft room I knew I would keep these closet doors open. Easy access. I utilized smaller plastic shoeboxes to separate adhesives, stamps, punches, etc.

Here's the workspaces! The first table is a cheap, not so pretty table I picked up at a thrift store for a few dollars. When I bought it Mr. thought I was nuts because while it was sturdy it had peeling paint on top. But that was ideal for me, seeing as I got it at a great price and I never have to cover it when I get out my paint. Just adds to the character! The second table (on the right) used to be our kitchen table until we were blessed with a new one so this got to be extra work space.

We are currently in a rent house, which we really love, but of course there are always quirks. One of them is in the craft room. A random hook hanging over my work space table? Not a big deal at all, but if I could easily cover it up why not! So I had 2 plastic embroidery hoops and a sack full of fabric remnants and went to town. Hanging it was the most difficult part because I kept getting it lopsided. Simple and fun little somethin'.

In our first place I had this red tiered stand in the kitchen on top of the kitchen cabinets as a fun pop of color. In our current kitchen the cabinets were too short to put it up again. However I love it in the craft room to hold all my small bottles of paint. Not only is it a prettier way to display it than the box they were previously in, but I love that I can see it all too.

Under all the clutter, you'll see I use a cabinet with storage opportunities to store my sewing machine on. I love this because I can keep all my fabric organized underneath it, and all my little tools in the drawers. This is so convenient that I can sit down to sew and not have to go over all the room to find what I need.

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  1. So organized! I wish my craft room is like that! lol

  2. I enjoyed seeing what your craft room looks like. I had mine organized nice and one day it was a mess again!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award.

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    Yvette :)