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Home Life Series Part 2-Bathroom & A Link Up!

Welcome to week 2 of Home Life Series! This week I chose the bathroom because it contains one of my favorite areas-make up/skin care products. I know I'm such a girly. Shamefully I admit that I could watch make up gurus on youtube for days, mainly because I love hearing what works for other people! Also let me insert the reminder that Mr. and I do not share a bathroom, so if you wonder how I can get by without any "boy" stuff in here, that's why! You wouldn't want to go through his bathroom anyways-trust me-as much as I adore the man I try to avoid that room myself as much as possible. Moving on...let's get started!

Soon after Mr. and I were married I stumbled upon this in an antique store one day for about $12. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, I just liked the look of it. It was a unique basket kind of thing, but all metal and in perfect condition with no rough spots that would snag at things I put in it. So I remember that day bringing it home and putting it in the corner of our (at that time shared) bathroom. I neatly rolled towels and put them in and walked away feeling like HGTV would be calling me any minute for decorating tips. A few minutes later Mr. walked out of the bathroom asking me if it was some kind of tiny laundry hamper. Bless his heart. It was one of the first "I'm really living with a boy" freak out moments.. Anyways...eventually I figured out what I really needed for it was a catch-all for my hair products and tools! I love this idea because it has a bit of cute-ness to it, it's not just a drawer that I've crammed all of those products in, and I can easily see everything in it!

Remember how make up is my weakness? Well right after we moved into our current home I knew I had to come up with a better method. Each morning I would sit down with a giant container of all kinds of make up and a mirror and dig through to find what I wanted. It wasn't practical, nor enjoyable anymore. So then I remembered that we had somehow ended up with an extra silverware drawer divider and wondered if I could work something out. I found an empty basket and loaded everything that I loved but didn't use every single day into that and slid it in my bathroom cabinet. Then I took the few daily products and lined them up in my silverware holder and stuck it in my drawer. Surprisingly this has worked out perfectly. Most days I drag my chair over to the bathroom cabinet, open up the drawer and can easily get to exactly what I need without having to dig through excess. On those days I'm dressing up more or getting a little fancier for date night, all I have to do is pull out my basket of "extras".

If you've ever been in my kitchen you know I never throw a jar away. I will always find a spot for it and this is one of those examples! The one on the left holds all of my small hair pieces that would get lost in the "tiny laundry hamper" sheesh. So all of the hair clips and hair ties go in that jar, easy access, because I've been known to get frustrated when I have my hair just perfect and have to let go of it to find a hair tie. (Anyone else? Anyone?) The next one holds my toothbrush because I get easily grossed out by laying it around and wondering what else has been there. I know-I'm a mess.
But really-free solution? Why not!

Confession: For the longest time I thought these things were silly and unnecessary, some kind of conspiracy to make us spend more money we shouldn't really spend (as if I needed a conspiracy to help there). However, after years and years of piling up conditioners and shampoos and body wash and razors along the side of the shower and undoubtedly kicking it over on my way in or out, or on a good day both, I finally caved and bought into the shower caddy. Seriously. Game changer. Even if it is a spending conspiracy, I believe it to be worth it.

The Sigma brush cup holder works perfectly at making it super convenient for taking your brushes with you, but also simply for keeping all the brushes in one place.

Favorite perfume:
Betsey Johnson's Too Too Pretty
I got a sample of this beauty in a Sephora order, and it was one of those rare samples that you fall in love with and know you must have. So after I got every drop out of that sample, I hit up Sephora-having no idea what the bottle looked like. The sample was of course just a simple plain tube. But this stuff smells so good I promise you won't even care that the packaging makes it look like a 13 year old emo girl has taken over your bathroom.

Favorite daytime face lotion:
Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion
I purchased this at the beginning of winter because my face was suddenly so dry I couldn't even put foundation on without it looking like it was going to flake off. This stuff fixed the problem immediately. Now that's it's warming up my face isn't dry anymore but I'm still hooked on it for its SPF 30 factor. Warning: 1 pump goes a long way. I typically cover my whole face with half a pump.

Favorite liquid foundation:
Clinique Perfectly Real Liquid Foundation
I've used this stuff since I started wearing make up when I was 13 years old and my mom and aunt took me for my first Clinique makeover (still one of the high points of my life). I've tried a few other things over the years but always go back to this, it's perfectly "real" looking, and can be as build-able as you want it to be.

Favorite concealer:
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind
This is the perfect, easy to grab at the drugstore, concealer. Plain & simple.

Favorite bronzer:
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil
Yes it's wonderful. And it tastes like chocolate. (Does that make it sounds like I typically eat my make up? Not my intention, but you know when you're in a hurry and powdering that bronzer up a storm while telling Mr. a story and it just kind of flies in? Yep. Been there.)

Favorite blush:
Nars Blush in shade Amour
Sephora's description calls this shade a "peachy pink". I'm not sure I'm seeing the "peachy" in it, but I love it nonetheless. And in case you're concerned like I typically am about blushes-no shimmer at all. You're welcome.

Favorite eyeliner:
Stilla Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in black
I've been dearly devoted to black liquid liner of all shapes, sizes, and brands from day 1. However, this is my absolute favorite, hands down. When I first tried it out I was a little skeptical, because I had always had a "pot" of liquid liner to dip my applicator in. So when I tried this one that is really like a thin marker, with nothing to get more product from I thought I might only get a couple of good months out of this and call it done. Well that was about 9 months ago and it's still going strong. Last time I was at Sephora I picked up a back up because I thought that I was probably nearing the moment that the product was going to suddenly run out and make my eyes look like they were "kinda lined". Not good. Not pretty. I still haven't even opened the back up package yet. This is completely smudge-proof as well.

Favorite mascara:
Almay Get Up & Grow and Clinique High Impact Mascara-both in black
I have been known to apply up to 253 coats of mascara at one sitting. Mascara is my love language in the world of make up.
So after years of a great relationship with the product, I've come up with a kind of technique. I begin with one good coat of Almay Get Up & Grow, then promptly curl them. (I compare this to curling my hair with a curling iron-I always add hair spray first to give it something to hold on to. Same idea. Get it?) After curling them I add a couple hundred coats of Clinique High Impact and call it a day.

Favorite eyeshadow:
Too many to count or include. My most favorite would probably be Mac, but my budget doesn't like that too much. So a couple of my other favorites would be Stilla and Wet n' Wild.

Favorite shampoo:
I'm really not a devoted shampoo user, typically I buy whatever's on sale or smells the best.

Favorite shower face wash:
Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser
It's simple and it works, exactly what I was looking for.

I have really thick hair, so keeping a cheap wide-tooth comb is the perfect solution to taming the tangle battle.

Doesn't every girl need a pink loofa? I think so.

Favorite travel bag:
This is actually a Vera Bradley lunch bag, but since I didn't have a need for that, I re-used it. This is perfect because the inside is plastic so if anything drips or spills at all nothing happens. Plus since it's square you can easily stand up bottles in the corners.

Favorite face wash:
Philosophy Purity
It's really simple but really good, and not a super strong smell.

Favorite eye make up remover:
Clinique Take the Day Off
Before I stumbled upon this gem I would rub my eyes until they were bright red trying to get the last traces of eye make up off, remember my coats upon coats of mascara? But this product? Just grab a cotton ball and make it happen, it's gone in about 30 seconds, seriously.

I really love my Clarisonic Mia. I do really need to get a new brush replacement though.

Favorite night face cream:
Philosophy Hope in a Jar
This cream is thick enough to work, but it doesn't leave behind that "greasy" feel. Love that.

Favorite under eye cream:
Philosophy Hope in a Tube High Density Eye & Lip Cream
I don't just use this stuff to prevent wrinkles and bags under my eyes-let's be honest I don't think that far ahead. But I get funky tiny little bumps under my eyes and this really clears them up. And hey, maybe I'll prevent a wrinkle or two in the meantime.

Favorite exfoliator #1:
Philosophy the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
This is probably my favorite facial exfoliator of all times, seriously your face will feel amazing. But it's a little harsh for every day use, I typically use this one only once a week. So this leads to my next exfoliator:

Favorite exfoliator #2:
St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
This is a great everyday exfoliator from the drugstore-and it smells great!

Favorite body cream:
Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Cream in scent Country Chic
I can't tell you how many times I've re-purchased this product. I also stock up in the shower gel and body wash of this. Every time I run out I rush out to Bath & Body Works the next day in fear they've discontinued it, never fails.

Okay did you make it through with me? Whew that was a doozy! Your turn! Grab a button, link up, and share your favorite bathroom storage or decorating tips or favorite products! I'd love to hear it! Remember everything that's linked up will be pinned to the New Mrs. Adventures pinterest page.

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