Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home Life Series 4-Laundry Room

I can't believe we've reached the end of June, and the end of Home Life Series! I've really enjoyed putting together this series for you all and I hope you have as well. Today we visit my laundry room! It's a pretty small room which will make for a rather small post, but I wanted to share it anyways!

Walking into the laundry room here is what you see. Not huge, but ample. My washer and dryer are hand-me-downs from my parents (thanks for getting new ones Mom!). Generous parents are a huge blessing! Speaking of generous parents-see the turquoise "table" over the washer and dryer? That is what happens when I say that I wish I had a little counter space in my laundry room to work with and my father in law says he'll figure something out. A few weeks later he will travel an hour to spend his day off in your driveway building and sawing and nailing until this is produced. I really love how it turned out and it's been a huge help! I initially thought there was no hope for my idea since we're renting, but this isn't attached to the walls at all. Perfect! In typical me fashion I of course painted it turquoise. What else would you expect?

Speaking of that counterspace, let's see what I use it for. The small basket I always keep small old towels for cleaning. I also use a lamp out there, because let's face it if something is pretty I'm more likely to hang around it. And then the obvious, soap.

Finally in a corner of the laundry room is this small "cleaning station". My vacuum is cordless, so I like to keep it plugged in all the time so it's always ready to go. Also, I love the idea of having a cleaning caddy where all the most used supplies are. Now when I'm ready to clean all I have to do is pick up the caddy and go. Love that!

Well that's it for the Home Life series! I hope you've enjoyed it!!

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