Monday, May 12, 2014

What my family needs the most

Proverbs 31.  It's hard to get through the Mother's Day Sunday morning service without its' reference.  It's an important, and beautiful, chapter in the book of Proverbs-undoubtedly divinely purposed to shape us into the women God has called us to be.  
But I'll be real, sometimes I walk away from a "Proverbs 31 Woman" sermon feeling like I've just got handed down a to-do list.  On top of the 10 to-do lists that are already sitting at home waiting for me.


Sure I might start Monday morning off fresh out of the gate and ready to give it my best, but I can almost gurantee you by 3pm you will find me with a bag of cookies crying over the fact that I'll never live up to it, I'll never get there.  
I like my sleep too much.
Might as well curl up on the couch to a new Dr. Phil episode until the Mr. gets home from work because this clearly is not happening.  The gusto I woke up to hours ago is gone and forgotten.

Over it.

But what if we did away with the lists?
What if we stopped looking at what we are supposed to get done, and look at what is really needed?  What is the best?  The most?  What does my husband need-I mean really, really need more than clean clothes and a meal from me?  What do our families need more than anything else?

Spirit-filled wives and mothers.
Before the to-do lists get a glance, it must start with Him.  In Him.  
As women in our homes we are thrown a lot of tasks, important, must get done tasks.  But nothing will be more important than our time with Jesus and our walk with HIm.  

Worship must always precede work.  All of my work will flow out of that.  
Abiding must precede activity.  In John we're told apart from Him we can do nothing.  (John 15:5)  

If I look back on just the past week and had to write down every single thing I did for my husband, my home, and my family I would fill it up faster than you could imagine.  Sadly, ask me how much I did of that list out of His power instead of my own and I would stare and blink at that page for quite some time.  Because most days I forget that if I am not yielded to His power in me, I'm going to mess this up.  Guaranteed.  Definite.  Doesn't matter how much gusto and determination Monday begins with.  

Here are 4 quick ways I really believe we can strive daily (shoot, I'll be real-hourly somedays) we can be who our families really need us to be...
1.)  Be authentic.  Nothing can replace a genuine Godly existence.  Genuine with her lips and her life.
2.)  Be available and approachable.  Remember that nobody can replace your role in the home.  It's more than just being present.  It's listening more than lecturing.  
3.)  Be affirming.  Distinguish the person from the performance.  
4.)  Be aware of your primary responsibility that is above all other responsisbilities-show them Jesus and how to live according to His Word.  Point them to Jesus that they would learn to trust Him more than you.

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  1. I love this! It is so true - anything we do must be done with the power of the Holy Spirit - which flows from time with Him!!! Thank you for this important reminder today. Blessings from Croatia from Rosilind from Missional Call