Thursday, April 17, 2014

Top 10 DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Though I was not blessed with the teaching gift personally, I come from a long line of them in my family.  To say it is in my blood is and understatement and many evenings the highlight of my night was getting to put stickers on the papers after they had been graded when my aunt would bring home a big stack of papers to grade.  Each generation in our family has had at least one person in the education field, so I've seen a lot of gifts.  First day of school gifts.  Christmas gifts.  Appreciation week gifts.  End of school year gifts.  And from an insiders perspective  let me just say there's been some crazy stuff.  

That's why I have compiled my top 10 favorite DIY gifts that would be perfect for Teacher's Appreciation week or an end of school year gift, or even just because!  These gifts can also easily be tweaked a little here and there to make them perfect for someone other in a teacher in your life as well!  


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I love a gift that is fun to receive in the moment and something the gift receiver can hang on to, and this is just the perfect idea for that.  Those canvas totes are fairly inexpensive at craft stores, then just decorating with a doily and an initial letter!  I really like the idea of filling it with some fun relaxing items, like a few magazines and some chocolate and a Starbucks or Sonic gift card.  Even when those items are used up they have this adorable bag to keep!!


This is such a fun, inexpensive gift idea that even the kids could help with for their teacher!  Either buying a metal tin or saving one you have laying around the kitchen and painting it up!  
P.S.-Dad's...hint hint!  This would make a good Mother's Day gift idea too!  You could put your kids handprints on the back of the tin!!


If you have a little less time for a DIY project, no fear!  These hand soaps are so adorable!  Also Bath & Body Works usually has great sales on from time to time, making these a fantastically affordable option!


These cups with the lids and reusables straws are some of my favorites, and if you looked at my kitchen cabinet now you might wonder if I collect them.  Filling them with candy and a sweet note makes them the perfect simple gift!

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Everything you need for a cute summer pedicure!


Perfect for a Teacher's Appreciation or Mother's Day gift this practically free gift is especially meaningful after having your child write down all the reasons their teacher or mother means so much to them.


Though this was technically shown as a Father's Day gift idea, I love putting a Mother's Day, or Teacher gift spin on it.  Kind of like a "Happy Sleep In past 8 Day", full of fancy coffee or tea, a nice mug, and a newspaper or magazine.


Who wouldn't love someone handing them everything they need for a spa night at home? Since you're fitting everything into a mason jar you can also get by with buying all the items in a travel size, making this option very budget friendly.


This is an adorable gift that can be as easy or complex as you wish!

Who wouldn't love receiving a beautiful flower arrangement in a monogrammed mason jar!  This is beautiful and looks so simple to accomplish.

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