Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello Monday

Hello new home.  I think I will enjoy you quite a bit, I find myself sitting around daydreaming of the life and the new seasons and memories we will create here.

Hello April.  You sound like fresh hope to me.

Hello blog friends.  I missed you so during our move last week.

Hello unpacking.  I plan on conquering you this week.

Hello big week for the Mr.  I plan on covering you in prayer and cheering you on from the sidelines.  

Hello new routine.  I'm craving you.  

Hello gardening.  I have dreamed of you since the cold, dreary January days and I cannot wait another minute.

Hello scripture memorization.  My heart and mind are desperate for His Word to fill me and I plan on focusing some much needed time and effort on you this week.

Hello getting back on the track.  I'm tired of focusing on what got me off the course to begin with.  Let's just get on with it again.

Hello new washer & dryer.  I'm sorry I freaked out during the move when I realized our current ones wouldn't fit.  I was tired and dirty and in much need of some food and a shower.  But silly me, I should've remembered my God had a plan all along and would take care of it far better than I could imagine.

Hello new week.  I've got lots of projects and big plans for you.  

What are you saying hello to this week friends?  

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