Friday, April 11, 2014

Fab 5

Fab 5 is every Friday when I sit down and share a combination of:  my favorite 5 things from the past week, or random thoughts and going ons of the week.  Enjoy and comment with some of yours!!!

1.)  Remember that show that used to be on Food Network, Ace of Cakes?  
The Mr. and I have the show on DVD (we're nerds I know) and we had forgotten about it as it had somehow gotten pushed towards the back of the DVD cabinet.  Well it seems like that's one of the perks of packing and unpacking during a move.  You find lost treasures!  We have been hooked on the show ever since we unpacked it.  The only downside is I say at least twice during an episode...babe, I want cake.

2.)  This week has been gorgeous in the upper 60's-upper 80's.  It even got to include my first trip of the season to my favorite nursery!  If there's one thing I could easily do everyday, it would be mindlessly sipping a cup of good coffee while wandering through the rows of beautiful flowers and plants at a local nursery.  So the first trip of the season is always kind of a big deal to me.

3.)  Personal request from me-the Mr. has a big test tomorrow for his next round of certification.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for him!

4.)  Does anyone else call google-ing, "research"?  
Just making sure.  Cause I've done lots of "research" this week.

5.)  Maybe it was the temps finally resembling something like Spring, or maybe it was because I got my "Spring hair" (lightented up) yesterday, but this week has finally felt like Winter was over.  And I'm pretty happy about that.  It might also be the absolute sneeze attacks that make me thing I should've really considered taking stock in Puffs company as I've gone through so many boxes of tissues lately.  Speaking of-did anyone see Jimmy Fallon talking about different kinds of sneezing last night?  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Laughed til I couldn't breathe, and ironically kept on sneezing as well.  

Happy weekend friends!  

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