Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To my husband...

Dear Mr.,
Tonight you were busy catching up on some work in the office so I know you didn't notice, but I had to sit down at the kitchen table and have a good cry over you.  The happy tears you know.  

You always love me well.  Well, maybe not always.  But your heart is always in it to love me well-and that suffices for the days we just fall short and mess this thing up.  Today was a hard day and you must have sensed it.  It felt like Spring so much, and while I love Spring, my aunt did too.  And it made me miss her so much I could hardly stand it.  So when you wanted to run by the bank after work with me I wasn't thrilled, I really just wanted to go home.  But I didn't say anything.  

You know how you love to collect change and then go cash it in?  And how I always think it's kind of silly?  I'm sorry for that.  I see pointless pennies and nickels that won't buy you much, but you see it eventually adding up to more...and I love you for that way you think and look at life.  God knew I needed that in my partner for this life and that perspective changes things for me.  So today when you got out of the car with your huge bag of change and the bag broke spewing coins all over the parking lot and all we could do was laugh like crazy-I needed that.  I needed to laugh.  And while most people would've gotten frustrated and annoyed, you just laughed with me and picked every single one of them up.  Even the creepy guy who walked up and offered his help if he could keep the money for himself didn't slow you down.  And when you politely declined his offer and he dug out a dirty plastic bag of unwrapped lemon drops out of his pocket and handed you a handful of candy to "enjoy while you work" you graciously smiled and said thanks man before handing them to me to discreetly throw away.  We drove away from the bank today laughing our heads off and wondering if there was a hidden camera somewhere pranking us, but it was one of those silly moments that make those great memories that you look back and smile on.  

Then you drove me to the store and spent that money on me.  A silly thing to most people probably.  But to really meant the world.  To me you spent too much money on me, but to you I was worth it.  You knew how much I missed my aunt and you knew she loved fountains and butterflies.  So a beautiful tabletop fountain covered in butterflies to make me feel like she was still in the backyard gardening with me was one of the kindest things you've ever thought to do for me.  You knew that every time I was in that yard a piece of me would ache for her to be there with me, so this was the closest thing you could think of to make that a little easier for me.  

I don't think you'll ever know what this day meant to me.  We're in a crazy season of life, you and I.  Most days we see each other a precious few hours.  But you never forget to text me to ask me how my day is going, or step out for 3 minutes at work and pray with me over the phone just to make sure I remember you're still there.  Tonight when I got that discouraging phone call about a family member and was about to cry you quietly walked up and held me in your arms so tightly I thought you may be physically holding me together and not even know it, and in your strong, calm voice you simply whispered...I got you.  

Yes Mr., you certainly do.  

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  1. I'm at work with tears in my eyes right now. I'm thinking thank you and no thank you all at once. This is so beautiful!