Monday, November 3, 2014

The Beanie

I'm always a day (or year) behind on trends.  So it's not surprising that I just discovered the magic of Polyvore a few weeks ago.  

I was like a deer in headlights for days.  It's a beautiful thing.

So clearly I wanted to share this gem with the Mr who was gracious enough to sit next to me and act interested as I showed him what the black hole that had sucked me in the past few days was.  I then said...I know what will be fun-plan an whole outfit for me that you would love to see me in!!!  

He amused me.  Bless his heart.

In the outfits he planned I noticed one similarity among them all-a silly hat, like one of those slouchy beanies in all of them.  Every single outfit.  The same color even?  I took a mental note that apparently he was a fan of these things that I do not even own something similar to.  
Fast forward a few days I'm shopping with my mom in a few cute boutiques in our little shopping district downtown and I find an exact replica of that infamous beanie.  So not my thing ya'll.  But I remember my sweet Mr who had amused me browsing Polyvore for almost an hour and had expressed his taste of these hats.  I glanced at the price tag and found it was even on sale.  $6.50.  Surely I could wear something once for $6.50 and a smile on my man's face, right?  

Any feminists out there are probably straining an eye muscle they're rolling their eyes so hard right now, right?  

So I got home and popped the hat on, thinking how hard can it be to wear a hat.  Ya'll, you don't even know.  If I put it on all the way it passed my chin and almost touched my neck-interesting look and can't see a blasted thing.  If I leave it only halfway on my head I have a nice "hat drift" on the top of my head like a whirly-gig that doesn't spin.

Just as I was about to accept defeat I decided to YouTube:  "how to wear slouchy beanie".
Curious-is that when you know life has hit a new low point?  You-Tubing how to wear a hat??  I thought so.

As pathetic as I felt, I found a helpful little guru that showed me just how to wear it and I did it.  I wore it the whole day waiting for my man to get home from work and see the expression on his face.  He loved it.  But do you know what he loved even more?

That I thought of him.

He never asked me to wear a particular outfit, hat, or purchase something he liked.  He just made a mention of something he liked and then never mentioned or thought of it again.  But I took the tiniest, teeniest gesture and thought of him.  He noticed that in a big way and felt so valued, so loved from it that it would have been worth much more than $6.50.  

Know what else I learned??
Beanies are one of the most ingenious inventions ever, right after electricity but before sliced bread.  Why you ask?
I can officially get by one more day without washing my hair.  Anything that allows another "dirty-but-still-cute-hair" day is a winner in my book.  

What about you?? Do you ever wear something primarily because you know your man likes it??

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  1. I love your new beanie! I need one!!! Especially for $6.50!! :)
    xox, Crystelle