Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Look!

Hey guys! The blog was in need of a much needed splash of color so I changed some things up! Notice to the right are still the social media buttons so be sure and add me on your facebook, twitter, and bloglovin! Also, I've recently added a pinterest page specifically for this blog where all of my recipes will be directly added there for easy use. Something else I've begun to and plan to continue to add on that page are my favorite blog tutorials. As a new blogger I cannot tell you how much I've relied on and appreciate all of you who actually know what you're doing and are nice enough to share your knowledge with the rest of us. Seriously-thank you. I wanted to bring some much deserved attention to their sites and help out any other reader's who are in the same boat I'm in trying to figure out this whole thing and who get lost easily!! I will also add my favorite free fonts and printables and other things that inspire me the most and that I think you will love as well. I hope you'll follow me over there and enjoy it!
Have a great long weekend friends!!!


  1. Hi! I'm co-hosting Mom's Monday Mingle. and am your newest follower! I'm a children's writer and illustrator!


    Happy Memorial Day