Thursday, May 30, 2013

A heart for home

When the Mr. and I got married we had to skip the honeymoon. There were circumstances out of our control, like college graduation and jobs, that just made it impossible at the time. But after a very long engagement we agreed that it didn't matter, we just wanted to finally be married. After that long period of waiting and what seemed like an even longer period of wedding planning, the image of going home with my husband is what kept me sane some days. Because you see, long before I was ever married with a home of my own, I have been an avid lover of home. Really. I just find something so simplistically beautiful about creating a joyful atmosphere for my family to dwell and grow in.

So right after we were married we happily went to our new home to begin settling in. It was where Mr. had lived for quite a while, and the precious heart of my husband longed to make it our place, not simply the bachelor pad it had always been. So in the midst of finals and preparing for graduation AND a wedding he spent weeks cleaning and making as much room for me as possible. It was a tiny duplex with only room for the necessities. And I do mean necessities. Most of my belongings remained at my parents home in the bedroom I had grown up in. Even our wedding presents had to remain there, except for the few kitchen supplies I carefully chose and deemed absolutely necessary, which had to be stored in the linen closet on the only halfway free shelf. We were cramped to say the least. But I loved every minute-even the ones I almost cried through from frustration. I look back at those moments with such fondness and sweet memories.

We have since been blessed with a little more growing room in a very old house that we have come to love as well. The age of our home mirrors the age of our neighbors, most of whom are original owners. I was cautious moving in about what they would think of the new "young" couple. I remember moving day I told Mr. I wanted to go around and introduce myself and promise that we were God-fearing people who didn't smoke or drink, and weren't loud crazy party people. Promise. It didn't take long before we had a neighborhood full of grandpa's and grandma's who have adopted us and stop in often to say hello. Most day's simply going to get the mail become's an hour long event as someone is sure to yell out a front door and ask us to come in and hear about the "old days". We always comply and happily drink the coffee they serve and gaze at the black and white photos they scoot in front of us. There is something so special about this season of newlywed life living amongst "the pro's". For many reasons, but mainly because maybe I'm an old soul at heart, and they get me. They share my love for home. They get me, and I learn from them. It's a great arrangement.

So with all that said I got to thinking how I'd love to swap home tips and stories with you as well and learn from each other. I am so excited to announce my June Home Life Series! Each Thursday in June I will be going through the 4 most used rooms in our home and will be breaking them down for you. From my favorite products, favorite decorating tips, organization techniques, things that have worked and haven't worked, and even cleaning tips, we will be covering it all! You will also have the opportunity to link up with your own home tips, tricks, and loves so be sure to join up and grab a button down below! And don't forget to check back next Thursday, June 6 for the first installment!

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  1. Your series sounds exciting!! I love that enjoy spending time with your older neighbours. You are so wise!! Thank you for sharing your post over at WholeHearted Home.