Friday, May 31, 2013

Fab Friday 5

Summer is in full swing around here, which means the Mr. is around home more. I love this, but the side of my brain that thrives on a routine is kind of spinning out of control! I am determined to figure out a better "summer routine" that works for us and helps me to calm down a bit. I guess the part of me spinning out of control forgot to take many pics this week? Which for those who know me know how bizarre that is! I take pictures of everything, all the time. Except for this week?? So I apologize in advance for the lack of pics this Fab Friday post has to offer. You'll just have to hear me ramble more instead:) On to the fab!!!

1.) Summer. I feel like after many "psych out" moment with the weather-hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold-it's really, really here now. With Mr. around more, especially in the mornings, I know I'm getting spoiled. Most days start with a walk around our neighborhood and a really good talk, then we return home for Bible study together. He's even helped me out with laundry and cleaning up this week. I know I'm going to have a rude awakening come August but for now I'll just enjoy it!

2.) Grilling out. This week marked the first week of the season for using the grill! When we grill we typically like to make a ton of food, way more than we can eat in one meal, so that we can eat off the leftovers for days. It's also so much healthier that I feel good about doing leftovers for once!

3.) Encouragement. These two songs have been on repeat for me this week and served as big encouragements to me,

4.) You. This one wasn't just this week. But maybe I just realized it more this week? Who knows. Either ways I am so undeniably grateful for the people I've gotten the opportunity to meet through this little blog that I would've never met otherwise. Does anyone else find it amazing to connect and reach out and encourage other people that you would never get to if it wasn't for these blogs? I find it pretty wonderful. Working with youth and students I don't get the opportunity to fellowship and hang out with other women my age in this season of life as much as I'd like sometimes. So even though I've never met you, I really feel like I have these friends that just don't live near me. That probably sounded creepy. But really, I'm just glad to know you:)

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Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. Hey girl! I'm a new reader and I just wanted to say 1) I love your blog so far and I can't wait to keep reading and 2) I nominated you for a liebster award! You can find details about it on my post

    Here's to a great summer!

    1. Thanks so much Nicole, I'll be heading your way!!!

  2. You are fab yourself!!! :) Such lovely things to be lovin'!! Hope you have a BLESSED weekend, friend! :)

    1. You're the sweetest Abigail, and already a blessing to me! Have a great weekend!!

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