Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Thoughts...

Re-washing already clean laundry because I have left them in the washer too long is one of my biggest pet peeves. Happened twice this week. Really?!

Lately if I feel like a good cry I just pull up Ron Pope's "You're the Reason I Come Home" on YouTube and think of the Mr and boo-hoo. Beautiful.

I've been afraid to speak this out loud-I know a lot of passionate people about this one (including my sister). But the Mr and I had the time of our lives putting up the Christmas tree a couple of Saturday's ago. It was like we were kids sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar or something-wrong...but not so know? In no means does this mean I am skipping over Thanksgiving! Since we don't really celebrate Halloween in our home, we focus on Thanksgiving the entire Fall season (because it's very important to us). I just have a pretty Christmas tree to add to my "Thankful List".
Still be my friend??

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this is my first Thanksgiving at my parents house to get to contribute something to the meal and I'm thrilled! I'm not at all providing the whole she-bang. Just a side or dessert and maybe an appetizer for before the meal. I've been trying out different recipes on the Mr. for the past few weeks to try to find just the perfect ones.
Any ideas?? I'd love your input! Think random side that you can't live without/unique dessert/favorite appetizer?

Almost finished with our 2012 Family Book.
Almost 2 years to complete that project is normal, right??

Back to the Christmas topic-I am attempting to make a lot of our decorations this year, so I'm starting early so that they are ready to go in Decemember. Things I'm attempting: stockings out of heirloom family blankets (no pressure there right?), our family Advent calendar that we can use for many years to come, a unique twist on garland, and an ornament chandelier out of some beautiful ornaments I found in the back of an antique store in the middle of Spring. Watch out for some diy posts coming up on some of these projects!
Especially if they actually work!!

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