Monday, April 6, 2015

The God in the Storm

I have lived in Oklahoma my entire life, but this time of year always rattles my nerves.  Storm season is alive and well for our neck of the world and it is a battle to not get sucked into the anxiety it can bring.  God has always been faithful and will always be, and no storm can shake that truth.  However I still feel the struggle every year of what my heart knows and where my mind can wander.  

About a week ago we faced our first real threat of severe weather for the season and I found myself fighting the urge to give way to fear all day long.  Unfortunately it was a humdinger of a night and the first night of "possible severe weather" quickly turned ugly. I'm honestly ashamed to admit this, but I'll be real-I was a mess.  In the middle of that fearful night the Mr. took me into his arms and said something I'll never forget,
Baby, I hate the storms get to you so badly, but I love how you always come to me for comfort and reassurance when they do.

My head was tucked under his chin as he held me in a long embrace and I whispered to God-that's You too isn't it?  You hate to see me suffer when the real storms or the storms in life come, but You love that I come to You for refuge when they do.  Love that it doesn't take long for me to remember how small I am and how big my needs are and I'm left running back to you with all my might.  After all, the winds and the waves still know You're Name.

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