Monday, July 28, 2014

The Prayer Room

In my church home is a small room tucked away that from the outside looks awfully ordinary, guests might mistake it for a storage closet even.  However behind that door is a prayer room- a sacred place where many a desperate plea, a fervent request, a joyful praise have been uttered.  I have a similar room in the deep recesses of my heart and mind.

Though nobody but the Lord and I know it by heart, it's as vivid and real as the nose on my face.  Being the visual person I am I need a "place" I can run to.  So it's my own little personal private prayer room, and you can find me there when I'm meeting with Him before the day starts or even while stuck in traffic or preparing a meal.  

If I had to describe it for an outsider looking it I would describe it as beautiful but simple, sacred at the heart.  There's a place to sit and cry with my God when my heart is heavy and my mind is worn out.  There's plenty of room to get up and praise Him with all I have in me.  There's a worn spot on the floor where I often hit my knees in desperation to hear from Him. 

The walls are lined with scripture, laced with promises I bring before Him.  Also on the walls of my own prayer room in my mind are framed pictures recounting moments that He came through for me, victories that were won right there, times where He showed up for me.  There's lots of frames.  Full of moments like the time we had that huge bill come out of no where and no way to pay for it, and days later a check came in the mail for an unexpected rebate that matched the amount of the bill.  The time I sought and wept for healing and received much more than what I prayed for, but got to know the Healer Himself like never before.  That miracle that I took before Him with boldness and saw come to life before my eyes.  The times He responded with a "no" and my heart broke-but only for a time until I saw how He had saved His best for me.  The times I turned in my broken pieces and He put them all back together.  The time I took Him the impossible situation and pleaded for His intervention, and then sat back amazed at the way He worked like only He could.  The times I collapse in a heap of tears and frustration  realizing once again I can't do it all and He gently reminds me-no you can't...surrender more so you can receive grace more.  

So many frames of answers, provisions, and grace.  

My favorite thing about my prayer room is who I meet with there.  The King of the Universe.  Creator.  Redeemer.  Restorer.  Healer.  My Jesus.  My Everything.  

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