Thursday, June 12, 2014

Top 10: Fun Summer Snacks

Today I've gathered 10 super fun/super ingenious-why-didn't-I-think-of-that Summertime foods to make for your kids, or for the kids at heart.  (i.e.-I would be a giddy fool if someone made me these and I'm far from what you would classify as a "kid")  Whether you're planning a Summer party or just want to make a Summer day more fun, try some of these ideas out!!

1.)  Beach Pudding
This is such a fun way to turn a simple pudding cup into a beach party!  Rachel shows all the things she used in this here

2.)  Lemon Bowls
This is such a cute idea for kids or for adults alike!  As a little girl I would've felt so special if my mom would've served my ice cream in a lemon bowl like that.  So simple to just save the lemon "shell" after you've used the insides, and it adds a delicious fresh taste!  

3.)  Fruit Necklaces
For years we've strung popcorn, cereal, and even candy on string and worn it around as a necklace, munching as we go.  Why in the world haven't we thought of fruit?!  Such a fresh, healthy alternative that's perfect for kids on the go that may not like fruit as much.  

4.)  Pudding Pops
How easy is it to make your own "fudgesicle" by using pudding packs!  Simply cut a slit at the top for a spoon and pop in the freezer.  I'd love trying yogurt cups like this as well.

5.)  Flip-flop Cookies
Source unknown 
  If you're in a quick time crunch and still want something a little festive, all you need is a package of Nutter-Butter's and a tube of frosting!  So simple but cute!

6.)  Watermelon Stars
Source unknown
Make fruit fun for the kids by simply using any shape cookie cutter you have on hand!  

7.)  Beach Trail Mix
Source unknown
Get creative with a few ingredients and a clean pail and shovel!  My favorites in this photo are the goldfish, Kix cereal (to resemble beach balls), and yogurt covered round pretzels (to resemble life savers).  Get creative with this one!

9.)  Beach Balls and Pool Noodles
Source unknown
Using small disposable cups for individual treats, or larger ones for a group centerpiece idea, use gum balls as balls or twizzlers for pool noodles!!

10.)  Snow Cone Cupcakes
How adorable are these snow cone cupcakes!  All you need is a basic cupcake recipe, white frosting, 3 different colors of sanding sugar, styrofoam cups and straws!  

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