Thursday, June 19, 2014

Top 10: 4th of July Decorations

For as long as I can remember 4th of July has always been a huge event in my family.  Growing up our home backed up to the lake that shot off the city's firework display.  It was the perfect view without having to get in all the traffic that everyone else in town had to get in.  So my parents planned the biggest 4th of July party and invited everyone they knew.  
Even the checker at the grocery store down the road.
It's still going today, and it's still a highlight every Summer.  My parents still open up their backyard and invites everyone they know, all the kids swim, all the adults gather around in lawn chairs and talk and eat the night away until it gets dark and the display begins.  
If you lived near, you'd be invited too.  Just us and about 200 of our closet friends that fill the backyard and the night air with laughter and love.  And food.  Lots of food.

It's the best.

So today I was all excited to gather my top 10 favorite 4th of July ideas, but I couldn't do it.  There were just too many.  So I've broken it up into decor and food, and today we'll start with decor.  Next week we'll move on to food!  Let's jump right in.







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Make sure to stop by next week for  
Top 10:  4th of July Food Ideas!!

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  1. What a great round up! The stars on the grass is such an awesome idea! And I know exactly what you mean when you say that you couldn't narrow it down - I do that all the time. Breaking things up into categories is a great way to get around that problem! Thanks for linking up with Creative Spark!