Friday, August 9, 2013

Fab Friday

Hello friends and Friday!! This weekend is one that I have particularly looked forward to for some personal reasons. We've been on a journey for awhile with a group of fellow believers and this weekend we will finally see it in it's completion. To say I'm filled with joy and excitement is an understatement! So happy, happy weekend friends-I hope it's as wonderful as you all.

1.) Speaking of the journey we've been on, we had the blessing of one of my favorite way's God works. That's not to say that I don't love the hundreds of other ways, but this particular one just always leaves me with chill bumps and breathless with my love for Him and the overwhelming magnitude of the reminder that He is always working. Always. Even when we don't see it or feel it in the exact moment, we're often given glimpses looking back at the ways He carried us, was preparing us, providing for us all the way. The instance this week was the fact this journey has been over a year coming. There were times we were all filled with faith and trust, but there were also times where we wondered if God would ever move in this area, ever show us clearly His will. One night this week I received an email that was concerning the very beginning of this process-the first month actually-and a huge way that God had begun a work. A work that we wouldn't see with our human eyes for over a year later. But rest assured-He had done it. Those moments you find yourself just blinking numbly at the screen, tears streaming down with so much praise and awe in your heart that you feel you might just explode with gratitude right there. (I'm tearing up just telling you.)

2.) Hot days and rainy nights. It's like beautiful sunny days to finish up this summer, and perfect rainy nights designed just for sleeping. It's the little things friends.

3.) About that rain, I woke up in kind of a bummer yesterday. It was officially the last day of summer vacation for the Mr. before he heads back to school, and I wanted to do nothing but spend it all with him. Unfortunately it was a very busy day, hectic with non-stop plans and the most we would be seeing each other would be in passing at best. Once I finally convinced myself to get out of bed and begin the day I glanced out the window and noticed it was still pouring down rain which meant one wonderful thing-morning plans (outdoor) would obviously be forced to be cancelled. Tears filled my eyes as I whispered, thank You Lord...what a precious gift. The Mr. and I had a glorious quiet morning at home, with Bible study, good talks, pancakes and coffee. The rest of the day still went as busy as we had planned. But I didn't mind as much, I had just gotten an entire unexpected morning with him. So needed and such a blessing.

4.) Since Mr. is going back to school I suppose it's time to get myself back into a better routine as well. You know, like doing laundry more than once every couple weeks. Remember this? Shameful.

5.) Earlier this week I did something funny to my back, slept wrong or something. I've never really had back pain or something "continuous" like that. While I couldn't do much physically this week, it did a lot to me emotionally. It definitely put a lot into perspective, what's important, what a true gift good health is. That I can bend down and tie my own shoes or pick up a spoon I drop in the kitchen. It's those little things that so often get unintentionally taken for granted.

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