Monday, March 2, 2015

The Law of Harvest

I've hit that point of Winter where I'm scrambling for the fast forward button to get me to Spring asap.
I need flip flops.
Windows open.
Long walks after dinner.
Eating on the patio.
I need it all and I need it now.
One of my favorite things to do to plan for Spring is to plan for our vegetable garden.

When I feel like I can't take a second more of Winter or be cooped up indoors for another single day, I grab my notebook and favorite Gardening resources and get to planning.  Vegetable gardening is one of my very favorite things about Spring.  Though I really enjoy every stage of the process, I have to say being able to step out the back door to pick fresh herbs and veggies for a meal is my very favorite.  
However, I've never been able to have that moment of satisfaction of sitting down to a meal that I was able to grow myself, without doing the work that led up to it.  I've never been able to arrive at that day without first spending time doing research about what/when/how was best to plant.  Drawing out my plans.  Purchasing all the supplies needed.  Spending an afternoon in the dirt planting everything.  If none of that happened it would look pretty silly to walk out my back door to pick my veggies, when I never planted anything.  

Yet we do it daily with our spiritual walk.  It's so easy to get frustrated and even blame God for not liking the fruit we see in our lives.  
God, I wanted success, but I didn't put in the hard work it required.
God, I wanted peace, but I spent more time focusing on my circumstances instead of You.
God, I wanted to lose 20 pounds, but I didn't want to change my eating or start exercising.
So what did I expect?  How can I expect something I never planted?

In the next few months I will head out to my garden to see what has grown successfully for my family to enjoy.  But I won't go out looking for something that I never even planted.  I'm reminding myself that the same principal applies in my spiritual life as well this season.  
What things are you hoping to harvest out of your life?  

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