Monday, March 23, 2015

Signed, a gluten free hipster

I have hesitated sharing this new part of my life with you all for a little while now for a few reasons.  Was it necessary?  Would it help anyone else?  Would it matter anyways?

But for the sake of always being real with you all, I guess I feel it is important after all.  Even if it isn't a big deal or nobody else really cares about it.  This is suddenly a big part of my life and it feels wrong to not share it here as well.

A few weeks ago I started experiencing some health problems, which I immediately concluded meant one thing-I was dying.  This happened to coincide with a major snow storm so of course for me that meant I had more time to sit around and think (aka worry) about my imminent demise.  Ya'll I'm embarrassed to admit just how many tears and freak-outs were had over the course of about 2 and a half weeks.  Eventually the problem was tracked down to an issue with gluten that in hindsight, I have most likely carried my entire life and just not realized it .  

My first reaction was relief obviously to think it wasn't as intense of a diagnosis that I might have been expecting.  But then my mind began to race.  The harsh reality was my health had hit this scary-low because of my ignorance to the issue.  The even scarier reality though was that if I didn't remove gluten altogether, it would eventually kill me.  It was slightly terrifying and even more overwhelming.  For about a day or so I ate very little, not exactly sure what was "safe" or not.  Heck I hardly even really knew what gluten was, and if I was 100% honest I'd have to admit I kind of thought the whole "gluten-free" trend was kind of a fad?  Not an actually health issue?  But here I suddenly was realizing it was much, much more than a fad, and I had to figure it out fast.

My first job was to figure out exactly what gluten was (I never admitted to being the brightest crayon in the box ya'll).  Next I spent some time in the kitchen rummaging through every cabinet and refrigerator shelf.  Unfortunately this ended in major tears and frustration as I realized that apparently I had a certified gluten kitchen if ever a thing did exist.  I also happened to be in the middle of a major mid-term week that was screaming for all my time and attention.  I remember telling the Mr, do I want to pass this class or eat today?  Because there's no way I have time to figure out both.  

But somehow, someway, God always shows up right here in the messiness of it all.  In this particular situation He sent a whole army of the most amazing friends and family a girl ever had.  The Mr. showed his support by declaring that if I couldn't eat gluten, neither could he.  My amazing sister spent HOURS researching and shopping for food that I would actually be able to eat since I was in study-zone and about to starve to death.  My best friend showed up with a gluten free CAULIFLOWER CRUST pizza that she found and made herself (cauliflower ya'll, can you even get over it?  I'm sure this has been all the rage for years now but as per usual I'm just now catching up).  Day by day, we got through that first week being "gluten-free-hipsters".  

Here's the thing-I share this seemingly random event for 3 main reasons.
-My God is big enough for the big, major life wipeouts.  But He is absolutely as equally ABLE enough for all of my silly meltdowns over the stupid stuff.  He IS.  No matter what my stuff is.  
-It's always been important to me to keep things real here.  The big and little.  
-Not every recipe on Tasty Tuesday from here on out will be gluten free, because not everyone in my life is.  It's important to me to not change everyone else's groove just because mine has.  However, there will probably be more gluten free recipes here than there were (seeing as that count was at a solid zero).  Speaking of, tomorrow I share a gluten free recipe that was influential in teaching me that not every new food would taste like the Pottery Barn catalog.

If you have any questions about the whole gluten thing, please leave me a comment.  I have a 99.9% chance that I won't know, but would love to help as I've been helped.  Also, if you are gluten free and have any tips to share with me or any must-have foods please help a sister out and share away.  
The newbie-of-newbies-gluten-free-hipster

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  1. I was in the same boat last summer. I became really sick and it lasted for a whole month before I went to the doctor, because I thought it was acid reflux, and I was struggling to control it. I lost weight and toward the end couldn't go anywhere or do anything but basically lie in bed because I was so sick.

    When the doctor told me I had to go gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free I was overwhelmed. I already felt too sick to cook and now I had to come up with a whole new WAY of cooking?

    Like you, my hubby and family were supportive. Although my hubby did not want to go entirely gf. But I went on facebook and was amazed at the people I knew who were gf and shared recipes, brands and stores with me.

    Like you pointed out, gluten is in our kitchens abundantly. I was amazed to find that it is even in cream of chicken soup!!!!!

    I have found new ways of cooking some old recipes, so I didn't have to give up some favorities entirely. I found gf soy sauce so I can make chicken teriyaki again. Yay! And my doctor said I could have dairy occasionally, and I can have soy if it's gf soy.

    I was put on the FODMAP diet and so many of my vegies and fruits were cut out. But once I started feeling better the doc said I could introduce some of them back in slowly.

    Have you found a good recipe for baking gf bread? I haven't found a good homemade one so I just buy Udi's bread. Anyway, I will enjoy seeing some of your recipes! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday.