Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

It's late here, or early-however you may see it.

And as I washed my foil tin pie containers for cinnamon rolls my mind was swirling with so many thoughts, and you were one of them.


The community, the friendship, the love and fellowship I have met through this little blog of mine.

And while my dough is rising for our Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, I had to stop and say a little something to you all. I'm picturing you like I often do, sitting across the kitchen table from me with a cup of coffee. Tonight we're at my parents house, the Mr. is already snoozing away in their guest room, and surely in a few hours I will join him. But first, rolls must rise...and words must be shared. And if you're anything like me-a few tears as well.

My heart is full tonight thinking about the Baby in the manger. Friends-has there ever been a night such as this? All of the anticipation is weighing on me heavily. It's not just the Baby in the manger that my thoughts seem consumed by tonight-even though the miracle and wonder of that alone could keep me awake all night. Do you know what really has me awestruck?

God came.

Ya'll, we weren't just sick. We were dead. Dead without Him. Apart from Him I am nothing but shackled to this world and sin. And no matter how hard I try, no matter how many New Year's resolutions I set or how much resolve I muster up
I can never break free from the chains.

So I imagine God discussing eternity with His Son, the wonders of heaven and the reality of hell. I imagine Him saying something like...You know the only way they will ever get from the darkness of that world to the light of this world is if You go there.

Leave there. And come here.

To exchange the perfect holiness with the Father to the utter despair and darkness of this world. To put on flesh and dwell among us-dirty and beat up sinners who have had the life knocked out of them by someone or something and are making a mess of life. To rub elbows with them, wash their feet, love on them-the worst of them. After He came He lived the perfect sinless life we couldn't live and died the cruel harsh death we should've died. And all of that puts a lump in my throat bigger than the moon. But tonight I'm consumed with 1 single thought---

He came.

No matter where we are in life or what season or trial we may be going through-that 1 fact changes everything. Everything.

Merry Christmas friends. May you be lost in wonder as I and caught up in the goodness that is Him & Him alone.

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