Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heart of an Okie

Every week I take Tuesday to post a favorite recipe and I love that about Tuesdays. But today, I simply can't bring myself to it.

I have lived in this state of Oklahoma my entire life. No other place has ever been home to me. To say my heart is broken is an understatement. As for my family and I, we are safe, and undeniably grateful and humbled beyond words for the divine safety and protection that God had on us today.

Sadly, my friends and loved ones are living in a nightmare right now. It didn't take minutes for our phone's to start ringing off the hook, either friends checking on us, or hysterically begging us for prayers because they were not ok. It has kept me on my knees all day

A mother of adopted twin little boys, who had been abused in their early years before their new home, whose school was taking a direct hit. As she wept and could hardly breathe we got out the few words we could...she was trying to get to them...they were letting nobody near the schools. Her words cut me in two and stuck with me all night-they're terrified of storms...they've just learned to trust me and find comfort in me...what if they're looking for me. Not long after, dear friends who were married just a little before we were let us know they were ok, but they had just lost everything. My own dad who had arrived in the area to help minister to those who were in need-physically, emotionally, and spiritually- had just arrived in time to take quick cover in a basement of a local college.

By now the storm is over. But really, it isn't. As evening fell upon us the sky turned bright orange as the sky was filled with debris. I just stood in it and wept. Lord, have mercy. As I write this 51 have been killed, with many still missing. My heart aches as I imagine the parents who cannot even find their children tonight. I mean, really, what do you do?

It's amazing to me right now how in the midst of utter chaos, and devastation, and loss and sheer panic...He is.
He is the calmer of the storm. Still today.
He is the meeter of our needs. Still today.
He is our refuge in the storm. Still today.
He is our light in the darkness. Still today.
He is mighty to save. Still today.
He is in control. Still today.
He is faithful. Still today.
He is our healer. Still today.
He is our stronghold. Still today.

All of a sudden the scripture that I had set aside to memorize this week hits my heart in a deeper way...
Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. -Hebrews 10:23

We covet your prayers. Thank you friends.


  1. Wow i cant imagine what your family and friends are going through. Many thoughts and prayers from Utah are headed your way.
    Thanks fro stopping oveer at my blog!

  2. Beautiful. My husband's family is from close to there as well. They are all okay, but Monday night was a night of prayer for us too.

    1. So glad your husband's family is safe Rachel!