Monday, August 10, 2015

An Announcement, part 1

I've never been the athletic type.  I learned this years ago in elementary school PE everyday.  I can almost feel the nervous stomach ache welling up in me as I think about that long walk to that class as a little girl, let alone the frequent return walk with some kind of blood or ailment.  There was only 1 thing I really enjoyed in PE.  
The giant bouncy balls you could sit on a bounce around on.
That was until one day I got to bouncing too hard and catapulted myself off the front of it and had a devastating carpet burn from the indoor outdoor carpet in the gymnasium and terror from the fall I thought was probably going to end my life before the 2nd grade.  
I retired my giant bouncy ball experience that day.

I've never been athletic either.  I married a man who loves to watch ESPN and tell me about all the plays that he knows I don't understand but that I'll politely smile and nod anyways out of my deep love for him.  He doesn't even make fun of me for asking too many questions.  He doesn't even tire of my frequent questions when I mishear things, such as the other day when I mistook the word "huddle" for "hug" and excitedly asked him to please explain when the "group hug" was in football.  

He lovingly pats me on the back and focuses on the good things about me that I really excel at so I don't focus on the areas I'm incredibly deficient in.  

So imagine my surprise when recently I felt God leading me to make a big change and take a big step that I felt was as out of my league as dodgeball.  I listed off all the reasons I was completely inadequate for this step, and hoped for a "pat on the back" and wink that assured me we could skip this plan and find a new one that I was better prepared for.  

To be continued...

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  1. Okay, read this and part two... so the waiting begins.