Friday, April 26, 2013

Fab Friday 1

I am so excited about this concept of Fab Friday and linking up with The Everyday Joys. I've thought about this idea before, because in a world of Negative Nancy's, we could all use some Fab, right? Plus, sometimes even at the end of a rough week this forces us to stop and think ok what good happened this week? It is there, even if it gets burried under the not-so-good sometimes after a long week. God is so, so good, all the time. So without further ado.....

1. Beauty from an evening walk. Since last Spring I was in the depths of planning a wedding, I feel like I hardly experienced the awe factor that comes with Spring-I was just walking around in a daze of to do lists. But this year? I'm blown away again.
2. The cake that pinterest calls the "Best Chocolate Cake Ever". Trust me, a blog with details and a recipe is soon forthcoming.
3. Psalm 35:3. Enough said.
4. Found "Wally the Watermelon" at the local nursery. Adorable. There was also a "Duke the Cucumber" and a "Tommy the Tomato". It made me crack up when I found it, but mostly because I can relate. Everybody named inaminate objects as kids right? (Or big kids)

Have a great weekend guys!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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  1. I LOVE this comment and I am SO happy you didn't not marry him so you can enjoy these moments together forever.