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Some of these products may contain affiliate links that I receive a portion of the profit if you choose to purchase.  All opinions are 100% my own, from my own kitchen, bought with my own money.

These bowls live on my kitchen counter they are used so often.  The bright colors make them such a pretty pop of color in the kitchen, and I am always grabbing one, especially since they are microwave safe!

If I had to choose one bowl to cook with for the rest of my life, this one would hands down be the one.  For only $12.99 I honestly wasn't expecting much when the Mr. bought this for me a few years ago.  But his sweet heart bought it because it was in my favorite color for our new kitchen.  I think I will keep him because of this gift alone.  It is sturdy enough to hold up in perfect condition through constant use, has a rubber grip on the bottom of the bowl so it doesn't slide around at all, and does not have a single scratch from whisking or beating anything.  Not to mention the convenient handle and spout feature.  I use this every time I cook.

I reach for these cookbooks all the time and have never once made anything from them that I do not love and re-make often.  You cannot go wrong with The Pioneer Woman.


I use these jars as my canister set for flour and sugar on my kitchen counter and adore them.  I love the simplicity of them and the ease of seeing exactly what's in there.  They have withstood many of my clumsy moments and have never chipped in the least.  Bonus-I asked for these for Christmas a couple of years ago and my mother and the Mr. both bought them for me.  They felt awful for the mixup while I jumped for joy at all the ways I could my extra jars, and I do!  These are so versatile and are perfect for both decorating and organizing alike!!

I'll be honest, there's no functionality bonus to this one.  It will not make your eggs stay fresher longer or taste better.  But it sure will make them prettier to look at in your fridge.  I don't miss those styrofoam containers one bit.

We got so many of these Martha Stewart dish towels when we got married that I was just hoping they were halfway decent, if not we would have no dish towels in a year.  Little did I know they were the little dishtowel that could.  I use these constantly and almost 3 years later I have never even spotted a loose thread or fraying end.  Nothing.  They are just as durable and perfect as the day I opened them.  They come in lots of adorable patterns and colors too!

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